Not much respect around for Terry

No handshake from Wayne Bridge and not much respect shown from any Manchester City players, the feelings towards John Terry were made fairly clear to me today while watching the Chelsea V Manchester City match.

It would be fair to say that there was a warm approach towards Bridge from a lot of the Chelsea players, showing that he is still held in high regard, with the likes of Drogba and Joe Cole exchanging warm gestures with him.

The same couldn’t be said of John Terry. In a potential flashpoint after a tangle with Tevez, the Argentine saw the red mist and went to go for Terry, then Bellamy chipped in with his opinion towards him to further inflame the situation, the way the two Man City players reacted clearly said to me that they have nothing but distain for Terry.

Bellamy’s body language before the start of the game left me thinking that he wasn’t going to be Terry’s best buddy. His handshake was the most blatent example of a man doing something he didn’t believe in that I’ve seen in a long time. He turned his head away pulling a face and then just put a flimsy hand out in the direction of Terry, it was a token jesture, he might as well have not bothered.

His remarks in his aftermatch interview with Sky Sports gave an insight about the feelings towards Terry within football, Bellamy said “I know what JT is like and nothing surprises me about it, so I’m not going to comment on that. I think everybody in football knows what the guy is like, but that’s off the field.” Not very complementary to say the least.

If this is a true reflection of how Terry is regarded by his peers, then it just further shows that his presence in the England squad at the World Cup is likely to prove divisive.

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