Terry, show your a man!

Wayne Bridge’s announcement on Thursday that he no longer wishes to be considered for England duty is both, sad for him, and is going to cause further upset to Fabio Capello’s plans.

If John Terry has any ounce of respect and decency in him, he should offer to pull out of the squad immeadiately.

Why would I expect to see that happen though? After all he has made no public apology for his actions. As England captain at the time, was that too much to ask from him?

For the record I think John Terry is a disgrace. His actions have not only had a serious personal effect on people, but also have ripped the team harmony of the England squad to pieces with just over 3 months to the start of the World Cup.

If he has any moral fabric at all then he should stand up and offer to withdraw from the England team. If he is the true leader that he is said to be, which personally I don’t believe he is, then he should show leadership and sacrifice his place in the squad.

But from what I’ve seen of the man, he is a selfish individual who will not let doing the right thing get in the way of doing what he wants to do, so I can’t see him putting anyone else first and doing the decent thing.

In a further twist to the story, Gordon Taylor of the PFA said that his organization had offered to mediate betweent the two, but that they had both refused.

I can understand Bridge refusing, but John Terry! Does he think he has no moral or professional duty to try and appease the situation? Probably not, he most probably dosen’t believe he has done that much wrong.

With Bridge doing this, he is putting the ball firmly back into John Terry and Fabio Capello’s court. If Bridge finds his position in the squad untenable, then what now must John Terry’s be?

How is it going to look to anyone with a brain to see Terry at the world cup, knowing that his selfish actions have played there part in splitting the squad and making an innocent party feel he has no other option than to forfeit his chance to play at what should be the pinnacle of his career.

Can Terry really have the brass neck to stay in the squad knowing this? Sadly I think he does.

I do think that Bridge has been a bit premature in making this announcement, maybe he could have waited to see how things went at the Eygpt friendly first.

Is the squad now split?

For Bridge to say that his presence in any future squad could be “potentially divisive”, says to me that there is already divisions in the squad.

Fabio Capello now looks like he is left with a squad in disarray. I can’t imagine for a minute that he thinks Bridge pulling out will releave the problem, it will surely only make it worse.

What will Bridge’s supporters in the squad think of Terry now? There opinion will only probably harden towards him.

We have all seen over the years what effect a split squad can have on teams, look at the talented Dutch teams over the last 20 years. Is that what Capello is now going to find himself left with?

Either way his squad will be weaker. If he leaves John Terry out, the team suffers. If he keeps him in, does his presence cause more hassle? Which ever way you look at it, it seems to be a no win situation.

The bottom line for me though is that Terry caused the problem, so the buck stops with him, and Capello should sling him out of the squad.

If his decision making on the field ever starts to replicate his off field decision making then England are in serious trouble. How can anyone ever trust him to do the right thing ever again?

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