The Village Idiot strikes again

Mick McCarthy's aftermatch interview on Tuesday night was some viewing. He normally reminds me of a village idiot with his accent and appearance, but on Tuesday night he even spoke like one.

If his comment that Kevin Doyle's performance was the best ever seen from a centre forward at Molineux wasn't enough for a good laugh, then his follow up comment "If anybody has seen a better performance than that, I'd like to see it on DVD or Tape or 8-Track or Cathay Pacific from all the way back", certainly was.

We can only assume that as he said "Cathay Pacific from all the way back", he must have meant 'Pathe News'.

Does he seriously expect us to believe that a performance without a goal is better than any from the likes of Steve Bull or Derek Dougan, etc?

I'm not saying Doyle didn't play well, but he didn't exactly put four past Liverpool, did he!

As for the Cathay Pacific remark, what the hell was he thinking.

Good publicity for the airline, thats for sure. Maybe they could recruit him for a new advertising campaign. But then again, maybe not if they are serious about carrying on in business.

Imagine his face on the side of the airline!!

I don't think I've ever seen a better performance from the Village Idiot, thats for sure.

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