Perfect solution for Benitez!

When I heard the rumours on Tuesday that apparently Juventus wanted Rafa Benitez as their new manager, I thought to myself, here is the perfect solution for all parties.

First of all, Liverpool get shot of him. They also don’t have to pay him and all his staff off, something they clearly can’t afford at the moment.

Also, Rafa gets to go with his dignity, as being headhunted by one of Europes top clubs shows he is still well in demand and still (somehow) reguarded as one of the best coaches around.

But the main plus point for me is that Rafa is just perfect for Italian football!

Here is one of the most negative men in football, being lined up for a job in one of the most negative leagues in the world.

In Italy you can bring a striker off when drawing 1-1 against 10 men and dominating the game, surrendering the initiative, and not get any criticism whatsoever. After all, the public will accept a draw.

You can also play one man up front in home games against teams at the bottom of the league, resulting in draws that cost you the league title, again the perception will be that ‘a points a point’.

In Italy, Rafa’s ‘the glass is always half empty’ policy will be music to peoples ears.

Just look at the plus points:-

– Two defensive holding midfielders.
– Full backs playing in the wide midfield positions against lowly opposition in a bad run of form.
– One man up front at all times.
– Taking your most creative players off as they can’t defend.

Not sure how they might take to his zonal marking policy at corners though. Not enough shirt pulling there.

All in all though, I’m sure you would all agree that Rafa would be just perfect for Italy.

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