Wengers Bolton Revenge Mission

After what I heard from Arsene Wenger tonight, I can only come to the conclusion that he would of been happy if his team had kicked lumps out of Bolton to pay them back for what he insinuated, happened last Sunday.

Arsene Wenger was rightly questioned in the aftermatch interview about William Gallas’ tackle on Bolton’s Mark Davies in Wednesday nights fixture.

His reply shocked and surprised me. He said that he could show the interviewer the marks on ‘his’ players legs, from tackles received during Sunday’s match against Bolton if he wanted to see them, and then smirked in a rather sickening, childish manner.

Does this mean that Arsene is advocating an ‘eye for an eye’?

Is this really the sort of answer you would expect from a manager of Wengers supposed intelligence?

A manager who is always complaining about rough treatment from opposition players towards his team, but happily presided over Bould, Keown, Adams, Petit, Viera, Grimandi ect, kicking lumps out of the opposition and getting numerous red cards in the process.

It is one thing sticking up for your players (which Wenger is admirably consistent at), but it is another to come out with a poor, insulting explanation like that in the face of the evidence on view.

I’m not saying for a minute that Gallas did it deliberately, as I don’t believe he did.

It looked like one of those unfortunate incidents when a player is stretching, and just nicks the ball away a split second before the opposing players foot comes down.

Never the less, in my opinion Wenger should have been a touch more graceful as the player could be badly injured. It lacked class for me.

If weak explanations are acceptable to Wenger now, maybe the next time someone breaks one of his players legs, the opposing manager might say with justification ‘Oh well, what goes around, comes around’.

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