Gillett proves he is a real football man!

George Gillett gave an interview to Canadian radio station, Fan 590 Toronto Sports Radio, ahead of Liverpool’s Wednesday night home fixture against Tottenham.

In the interview Gillett claimed that Benitez had struggled to get the “morale of the boys back up” after the beach ball incident at Sunderland in October.

So thats the problem with the team, oh well, at least we know now.

It’s good to know that Rafa has assembled a squad so mentally weak that a ‘football’ hitting a beach ball back in October has totally ruined their season.

Gillett claimed it was a “fateful day” when the “soccer ball hit a beach ball, but they didn’t eliminte it, or cancel it”.

They didn’t “eliminate it, or cancel it” Thats great ‘soccer’ talk from a true passionate football man.

If that phrase isn’t enough to convince you that Gillett knows sod all about football, then the comment he also made that Rafa is in the top five coaches in the world should!!!

In a further example of his bullshit, he also claimed that both he and Tom Hicks agreed on this.

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