Ryan Babel ‘Twitters’ his frustration

Ryan Babel has become the latest footballer to reveal his thoughts publicly on his twitter page.

Babel feels hard done too in being left out of tomorrows squad to face Stoke City on the back of his performance against Reading on Wednesday night.

Why? I hear you ask.

It would appear that Babel thinks his performance was acceptable, just what planet he is living on, I don’t know, as his showing was a disgrace.

The fact that Benitez has chosen to leave him out when Torres, Gerrard and Benayoun are all out injured speaks volumns.

Lately I have been a critic of Benitez as I think he has more than had a chance at Liverpool and blown it, and I stand by my views. On the issue of Babel, I totally agree with Benitez, it is shaby heartless performances like the one he put in on Wednesday that gets managers the sack.

I commented on this blog earlier in the month that I thought Liverpool where lucky to have received an offer of around £8 million for him. Maybe Benitez will now have a rethink and go someway to putting some of his wrongs, right.

After all it was Rafa who said that Robbie Keane was resold to Spurs after having enough chances and not taking any of them. If this is generally the criteria of getting sold then surely Babel has well outstayed his welcome.

Credit where credit is due, I think you’ve got this call right Rafa. I am sick of seeing over paid, over hyped so called ‘stars’ who believe in their own myth’s getting away with not trying and taking the piss out of hard working fans and football clubs who pay their wages.

Well done Rafa.

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