Ferguson gets away with it again!

The news that Alex Ferguson has escaped punishment (yet again) from the FA over his critical comments about referee Mark Clattenburg’s performance in the game against Birmingham dosen’t come as any surprise.

Apparently the FA thought his comments did not cross the boundary to allege bias or impute the official’s integrity!

Well what a surprise.

Just what does the FA think his comments are meant to mean then? Do they think he was complementing Clattenburg’s performance?

This is yet another spineless response from the very people who are supposed to be upholding the integrity of the game. The fact that the man has a two-match suspended touchline ban waiting to be imposed on him dosen’t seem to bother him or be a deterant.

It completely undermines their respect campaign.

They are sending out the message that Ferguson can just continue to blame officials everytime his team fails to win (which is quite often this season), allowing him to carry on with his systemic intimidation of officials totally unopposed.

Just what he has to do to get the suspended sentence imposed on him I don’t know, never mind a fresh charge.

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