Fergie just can’t resist it.

Alex Ferguson is at it again, criticizing referee Mark Clattenburg this time for having no choice but to send off Darren Fletcher for two yellow cards.

A soft sending off it may have been compared to some tackles you might have seen at St Andrews over the years, but nevertheless Clattenburg was left with little choice but to show Fletcher the red card.

Fletcher was rightly booked for a lunge at Lee Bowyer in the first half. When he brought down Cameron Jerome in the 84th minute he knew what he was doing as he stopped a dangerous attack from Birmingham.

Dangerous tackle? No, but it was a cynical tackle designed to stop a Birmingham counter attack and was therefore a clear yellow card. End of story.

If it was such a soft sending off – as Ferguson claims – then why dosen’t Ferguson ask Fletcher (rather than questioning the referees judgement) why he was stupid enough to get the two bookings? The referee can only give what he sees, and what he seen was two stupid tackles.

As usual when Manchester United don’t win it is someone elses fault. When are the FA finally going to do something about this idiots sytemic referee bashing?

He cleary has no respect for the footballing authorities and until they throw the book at him, he will continue his relentless pursuit.

In my opinion he has taken the way refs get treated in this country down to an all time low with his behaviour and it’s about time it stopped, it is a disgrace.

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