Transfer Window Madness

If the story in Wednesdays Independent is true that Birmingham City have had a bid of £8 million turned down for Ryan Babel, then I can only assume that the football world has gone mad.

The fact that Liverpool turned down a bid approaching something what they paid for a player who has only gone backwards since arriving there is staggering.

Just what do they expect to get for him?

They paid around £12 million for him in an inflated market and he has been rubbish at best in his time there. Surely with a bid of £8M, you would cut your loses and think thats a fair price, we will let him go.

If Birmingham up that offer, then they are madder than I gave them credit for after I heard they had already offered £8M.

In an equally crazy sounding story, Juan Sebastian Veron has claimed he turned down a £7 million move to Manchester City.

Did Roberto Mancini ever see him play for Manchester United or Chelsea?

Surely Brian Kidd must have tipped him off about Veron? If ever there was a player not suited to the Premier league, it is this guy.

Absolute Madness!!!!

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