Coyle Bolts it!

Burnley fans got the news that they have been dreading today when the club released a statement saying that manager “Owen Coyle has today reaffirmed his desire to leave Burnley Football Club and join Bolton Wanderers Football Club.”

I think it would be fair to say the majority of Burnley fans are unhappy with Coyle’s apparent desertion. Some are questioning his loyalty after commiting himself last summer, and the fact that he is less than half way through his five year plan.

After apparently turning down Celtic in the summer, many must have believed he was more than happy to stay and see the job through at Turf Moor.

Some are also wondering why he has chosen to leave for Bolton, saying it is a sideways move at best, that they would understand if he left for a team like Everton or Sunderland etc.

Is Coyle really improving on Burnley?

Yes, he is. In my opinion it isn’t a sideways or backwards move, it’s a move forward.

With the resources available at Bolton, Coyle now has a far better chance of still being a Premier League manager next season.

From Coyle’s point of view, if Burnley go down and don’t get off to good start next season he could find himself sacked and his reputation gone.

Sometimes you have to cash in when your stock is at its highest. Owen Coyle is ambitious and not stupid and it looks like he has done this.

If the rumours are true, Burnley have a players wage cap of £15,000 a week. In the current transfer window Coyle knows that he will struggle to attract decent signings working within those restrictions.

Their current form would also lead you to believe that they are a fairly safe bet for the drop, also, their away record is awful. How can they expect to stay up on home form alone? Coyle must have realised this.

In my view Coyle has taken his time, got used to the Premier League and has assesed the situation so far this season, he has then come to the conclusion that his team are already doomed to relegation.

With no resources available to pay any potential new transfer window signings, Coyle realised the game is up. And when the chance came to join Bolton, for the sake of his career he knew he had to take it.

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