Martin Petrov the first to knife Mark Hughes

After the sacking of Mark Hughes, we didn't have to wait long for Martin Petrov to stick the boot in.

As is usually the case in football, there is always some over paid, over rated, spoilt brat waiting to stick the knife in and give us his bleeding heart story.

Petrov Didn't Wait Long To Criticise Mark Hughes

Petrov gave us an insight into how difficult his life had become under Hughes at Manchester City.

A man who consistently goes missing during games, who doesn't do enough when given his chance, moaning about not getting a game every week is just the kind of attitude that has just got Mark Hughes the sack.

The fact is that football is now a squad game. Everyone has to play their part and not everyone can always be kept happy. There will be periods where players have to sit games out.

    As usual some egotistic selfish arrogant footballer crawls out from under his stone, with the view that he is more important than the good of the team and club.

    Did the hard working Martin Petrov expect Mark Hughes to drop Craig Bellamy to put him in the side?

    He may have a point with Robinho, who is another lazy git with a bad attitude. But Robinho is far more talented than Petrov, and has in fairness won games in the past for City. Well, at Eastlands he has!

    Petrov Has Laid Out His Defence

    Petrov's own defence of himself in how bad he has been treated is quite telling for me.

    He say's "I have been away from Bulgaria for 10 years now and sometimes I have had problems like this with other managers."

    'I have had problems like this with other managers,' you don't say Martin. Why don't we find that too hard to believe.

    In defending yourself with remarks like this you are contradicting your own defence. Is he really that thick? Or is he just, as I suspect, out of touch with reality?

    Living in his own little bubble, like so many others, such as the likes of Pascal Chimbonda, Laurent Robert etc.

    The sort of people that get the decent pro footballers tarred with the same brush, with their selfish, childish antics.

    I think from the pathetic nature of these remarks we can all draw our own conclusions that Petrov is just another one of these selfish petulant idiots that believes in his own hype. Believing he is a lot better and lot more important than he really is.

    The new markets for the next manager football betting will soon ignite, with Roberto Mancini already in the frame.

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