Gary Cook blunders again

Gary Cook’s dwindling reputation in the footballing world took another downward turn in the wake of his showing during Monday’s press conference to introduce new Man City manager, Roberto Mancini to the press.

Cook has took a hammering in the media today, firstly for refusing to answer any questions from the assembled press, instead just reading out an ill-prepared statement, leaving Mancini to answer all the awkward questions.

To turn up with the intention of leaving it all to Mancini is staggering, although at least he turned up, as it was reported earlier in the day that he wouldn’t. And it was more than chairman Khaldoon al-Mubarak managed.

He then took the bite and got sucked in by the press after they questioned the integrity of the process of events in the lead up to Hughes’ sacking, responding with a table thumping rant at the press.

The press showed all their experience and cunning in drawing him into the debate. Not Cook’s finest hour.

For some reason the statement read out by Cook was compremised by some of the answers later given by Mancini.

The site of the two men sitting side by side, contradicting each other was amazing, it struck of major incompetence from Cook.

To not have a briefing (as it would appear they didn’t) on the basic issues, the likes of when the first approach was made from City to Mancini, is unbelievable.

Surely Cook must have known the press would have questioned this sequence of events.

I’m sure in the world of business Cook has had every success, you don’t land a job like this if you are a total fool. He clearly has a lot to learn in the world of footballing business though.

This is not the first time Cook has blundered recently either, he introduced former City player Uwe Rosler as a former Manchester United player at a supporters gala evening in November, resulting in a chorus of boos in front of one of City owner Sheikh Mansour’s key advisers Simon Pearce, leaving Cook looking embarressed and needing to write to supporters groups afterwards to apologise.

He also insulted AC Milan and Kaka, saying they bottled it after Kaka decided to stay in Italy, not great diplomacy from someone who apparently should know better.

Reputations in the football world would appear to be important when it comes to forging relationships with agents and clubs for future transfers, people who go around slagging clubs and players off in this manner after they don’t get their own way would appear to be counterproductive.

Word travels and any big deals Cook might miss out on (maybe as a result of people not wanting to do business with him) in future will further undermine his standing at the club.

As pointed out on this blog on Saturday night, Gary Cook’s people skills don’t appear to be what they could be and he may well be the next man out through the Man City (revolving) door.

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