Steven Gerrard reveals frustrations

Is the time now right for Steven Gerrard to leave Liverpool. With Gerrard approching his 30th birthday, could a big money transfer be in the best interests of both the club and the player.

If the likes of Chelsea, Barcelona or Real Madrid where to come in and test Liverpool’s resolve in the summer would they be in a strong enough position financially to turn down big bucks for a man who will turn 30 next May.

From Gerrards point of view would he be in the position to turn down what would surely be his last chance of a big move to one of Europe’s elite clubs – or Chelsea – and the possibility of winning that elusive league title, albeit maybe in a different league.

Gerrard may have fired a warning shot when admitting his frustrations with the league position Liverpool find themselves in while speaking before Liverpool’s Champions League fixture against Fiorentina, “It’s frustrating to be where we are in the league now because this was meant to be the year where we were going to be right up there all the way through,” said Liverpool’s skipper.

He went onto say “It would mean everything to win it. It’s frustrating not to have it already and I’ve come close on a couple of occasions.

“I will continue to fight for the Premier League from now until I stop playing. Hopefully I can add it to my collection because it would round a fantastic career off.

“It would be extra special if I could do it as captain in the next couple of years. I’m not sure how long I’m going to be captain for – probably another two or three years. If not as captain, then hopefully I can still lift it as a Liverpool player.

“Now, though, it’s important for us to try to get back up to the top of the table.”

“I’ve been around for 11 years and I’m getting towards the 30 years of age mark now, so I’m running out of time, I want to make the most of the next four or five years.”

“I’ve still got many more ambitions and dreams that I want to fulfil before I finish.”

I am not for a minute suggesting that this is a statement saying ‘I want out of Liverpool’ as it clearly isn’t, he could make that a lot clearer if this was the case.

The realization must be obvious to Gerrard that he is running out of chances to win the league with Liverpool, and that his chances of a move to a big club will probably be at an end if he dosen’t leave this summer. He would surely have to leave if Rafa Benitez remains at the club as he dosen’t look like he will ever win the league, he is just too negative.

Gerrards’ body language towards Benitez when he came off injured in the home Champions League fixture against Lyon was of a man who didn’t believe in his boss.

Gerrad walked past him and made no effort to acknowledge him until Benitez had to grab his hand to shake it. It spoke for itself for me.

Liverpool’s cash strapped owners are probably all too aware of this as well and, just maybe, a parting of the ways could be in the best interests of both player and club.

Liverpool are currently a best price of 100/1 to win the league with Sky Bet

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