Gerard Houllier proves he is still an idiot!

The latest moron to come out and give us the benefit of his wisdom in the Thierry Henry saga is none other than Gerard Houllier.

The 62-year-old, currently technical director at the French football federation, said of Henry: “A lot of the former players in France have condemned what Thierry has done but, at the same time, they said they would have done the same. He didn’t cross the ball with his hand, he put the ball in on his foot. It’s the referee’s error”.

There we have it, “It’s the referee’s error”. This from a man who at times has held posts on UEFA’s and FIFA’s Technical Committee, he is the former manager of the French national team and is the current Technical Director at the French football federation.

How can a man in a position of such prominence have such a stupid attitude to an incident like this? As a technical director and during his times on various technical committees his roles would have involved looking for ways to develop and improve the game.

Helping referees, you would assume would come under that remit, would it not?

Maybe not in Houllier’s biased world. After all this is a man who has consistently blamed everyone except himself for his failings in the past, so why not blame someone else for Henry handling the ball.

He usually blamed the referee when he failed at Liverpool, so why change now? His excuses during his time there were legendary, he once claimed Liverpool had taken more shots than their top 4 rivals when explaining why Liverpool had not been competing in the league, a particular favourite of mine was the day he blamed the direction the wind was blowing in. A manager of Liverpool using that as an excuse for a defeat!

And who can forget how it was all David Ginola’s fault that France failed to qualify for the 1994 World Cup. After the whole qualifying process ended in failure it was just one mans fault, and in Houllier’s opinion, not his.

Houllier has always had outstanding judgement during his time in football though. This is the man who paid £10m for El Hadji Diouf, he also paid £5.5m for Igor Biscan. In the goalkeeping department he gave Brad Friedel a free transfer and spent a combined £15 million on Westerveld (£4m), Dudek (£5m) and Kirkland (£6m).

Outstanding judgement I think you would agree. The same judgement that meant when he left Liverpool in 2004 he was the first manager they had sacked since Don Welsh in 1956.

Just what is the role of the referee in football? According to Houllier and the other idiots it is his responsibility and fault if the players don’t act with honesty and integrity. What chance have referees got when idiots like these men run football.

On FIFA’s website why don’t they write the truth, that referee’s are only there as a scapegoat and to be blamed when inadequate managers like Houllier continually fuck things up.

I don’t blame him for defending Henry, after all he is a fellow countryman and as a leading figure in the French football federation he has every right to have spoken out instead of burying his head like his esteemed countryman at the head of UEFA has. It’s the manner in which he defended Henry that is wrong as the referee didn’t handle the ball twice.

One thing Houllier is qualified to comment on though is failing to qualify for the World Cup. He was a joke and a laughing stock when he left Liverpool and at least we know nothing has changed in the time since.

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