The joke is you, Sepp Blatter

The way Sepp Blatter blerted out the news of the FA of Irelands request to be let into the 2010 World Cup as the 33rd team was nothing short of a disgrace.

Blatter thought it was funny to announce the news while laughing to a giggling assembled audience at the Soccerex conference which he was addressing in Johannesburg on Monday. It was done in a manner which was beyond belief, even by his pathetic low standards.

To put the incident in isolation and find it funny is bad enough, but look at the bigger picture leading up to this.

The whole world witnessed football at it’s cheating worst when Henry handled the ball into the goal. Football was made to look stupid for it’s inability to embrace technology and it’s inability to deliver any sort of justice. A decent referee’s career probably lies in tatters and Blatter finds it funny, the fact that football is probably being laughed at around the world for these reasons and more, while he is in charge of it is obviously funny to the man.

I think you’re missing the point Sepp, you are the real joke around football.

Here we had Blatter, the leader of the governing body of World football ridiculing one of his member Associates in public in full view of the world, insulting, not just the FAI but the whole of the Republic of Ireland. Where else could the leader of a major organisation or company get away with such behaviour?

The very least the FAI deserved was to have their request treated with respect, even if it was never likely to see the light of day. It should have been dealt with along the proper channels and ultimately rejected along the proper channels, with discretion and respect, not in Blatter’s way of using it in an attemp at what amounted to stand up comedy for a cheap laugh to try and make himself look good.

This man is a joke and a disgrace and in my opinion should be removed from football for the good of the game.

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