No justice for John Kennedy

The recent news that Celtic and Scotland's John Kennedy has decided to retire due to the on going problems from the knee injury he sustained at the hands of a vicious assault from Ionel (Vio) Ganea, wasn't in my opinion, greeted with the outrage it should have been.

As an Englishman I have no allegiance to any Scottish Premier League side, before anyone thinks I'm a biased Celtic fan. I can assure everyone, I'm not.

As a football fan I remember too well watching the replays of that tackle on Sky Sports with disgust. I also was amazed by Ganea's sickening remarks afterwards about how he made the tackle because it was a physical game.

Having To Retire Gives No Justice To John Kennedy

At the time and even now it still makes you wonder about the justice in football that a fellow pro can do that and walk away scot-free. While another persons career and (maybe even life) lye's in tatters.

The debate about retrospective punishment is a well trodden one, and we know that won't change. But if ever there was a time to look at a change in the rules, then surely that was an incident to bring it to a head.

The fact that Kennedy has shown such dignity in the five and a half years and eight operations since that assault is remarkable. He is clearly a man at ease with himself. This must be one of the reasons why he has been able to move on without bitterness.

We can only hope that for John Kennedy this might signal the start of a new career, maybe in football. Where he can go onto achieve success in some other way.

This may go some way to make up for what he has been robbed off. After all, he has some good contacts in the game from his time at Celtic and his all too brief Scotland career.

As for Ganea I don't really care what he went onto do and wouldn't waste any of my life researching him. We can only hope he endures some sort of footballing 'Karma.'

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