Is Henry the new Maradonna?

Thierry Henry’s name has been dragged through the mire in the press on Thursday. In Ireland as you would expect he has been slaughtered, accused of playing Gaelic Football, Facebook groups set up against him and numerous doctored images of him cheating flying around the internet.

Surprisingley the uproar on this side of the Irish sea has been very hysterical as well with suggestions of possible punishment for him ranging from being banned from the World Cup, given a ten match ban and I even heard a call for him to do the decent thing and retire from international football.

The one thing that has struck a cord with me is that most insulting of English insults being thrown at him – being called as bad as Diego Maradonna, this is the ultimate insult to be given from an English football fan for me and it shows how much Henry has gone down in the English football fans regard.

Sadly for a great footballer like Heny, who lit up the Premiership for years and was well respected by fans all over the country for his exciting play and seemingly good sporsmanship it would appear that his lasting legacy now will always be that handball.

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