Wenger set to moan again

Expect to hear Arsene Wenger moaning and whinging again about international friendly football, joyriders etc, after the news that Robin van Persie sustained a partially ruptured ligament in his right ankle during Saturdays match against Italy.

The early prognosis is that it is likely to keep him out of action for around three months, in this instance I do feel a bit sorry for Wenger as his team look like they might be in the title race for the long haul this season and van Persie was proving to be one of the main reasons behind this with seven goals in his eleven appearances to date.

With not a massive amount of experienced strikers to fall back on, the next few weeks should go a long way to telling us if Wenger’s squad is up to the challenge or not. Maybe this is the time for Eduardo to step up and show us what he is capable of.

If Arsenal are to maintain their title push their squad would have been tested at some stage of the season, expect Wenger would have hoped that it would happen later in the season rather than sooner though.

In the football betting, Arsenal have drifted in the betting to win the Premier League on the back of this news.

One thought on “Wenger set to moan again”

  1. Since this article was wrote Robin van Persie has gone on Dutch TV and confirmed that the injury is not as bad as was first feared.

    He has said that the scan revealed that he does not require surgery and will take between four to six weeks to heal. Whether that is him being over optimistic remains to be seen.

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