Burley on the brink

If the reports doing the rounds today (and judging by the online bookmakers response) are to believed then it looks like George Burley will finally be put out of his misery later this week and sacked as manager of Scotland.

It would appear that the meeting isn’t about making a decision as to whether or not to sack him but as to what package to offer him to quit, apparently conversations between members of the SFA board took place on Sunday morning when it looks like the decision to get rid of Burley was made.

Either way the fact that Burley’s position is on the agenda for the second time in a matter of just over two months must make his job virtually untenable anyway.

There is an arguement – and I’ve heard it said by plenty of ex players on television today – that there is no one out there to replace Burley so whats the point in getting rid of him, a position I thought to be the right one at the end of the World Cup qualification campaign when his job last came up for discussion.

The problem is now that he appears to have little (or no) support from the board or the players and at least a new manager may come in and wipe the slate clean opening the door for some of Scotland’s discarded or retired players to come back into the fold, players a country like Scotland can’t afford to be without such is the small pool of players they have to choose from.

Much as I would be loathed to see the likes of Kris Boyd, Lee McCulloch, Barry Ferguson and Allan McGregor come back after the way they behaved towards Burley and Scotland the fact is they can’t afford to have players like that not in the squad.

I know Gordon Smith said that McGregor and Ferguson would never play for Scotland again but it would surley be up to the incoming manager to make that decision, although in Ferguson’s case surely too much damage has been done with his attack on the SFA on the eve of the Holland match.

For the sake of all – and I include George Burley in this who has been a good manger over the years and comes across as a decent bloke – maybe a parting of the ways is best all round.

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